EFSC Marketing and Communications Style Guide November 2022 | Page 9

Business Materials
Email Signature

Business Materials

All academic , administrative , and support units of the College are required to use the approved letterhead styles on all stationary .
Envelopes , business cards , mailing labels , fax cover sheets , and other stationary items that incorporate a logo must also conform to these guidelines .
Letterhead , envelopes , and business cards may be ordered from Collegewide Printing & Graphic Services .
Business cards are available to all EFSC faculty and staff , as well as to members of the Student Government Association ( SGA ).
Business cards may not be created for student clubs or activities .

Email Signature

The following email signature has been approved for use by all faculty and staff . External emails must include the Public Records Disclosure . Template personalization including wallpapers , quotes , scripture , and images is not approved for use on official EFSC emails . Please contact the Office of Collegewide Communications for assistance with inserting your branded signature into Microsoft Outlook .
Name Position Eastern Florida State College X Campus , Bldg . X , Rm . X 321-433-XXXX Email Address Graphic ( s ) ( optional ) Public Records Disclosure
Permissible Graphics :
Public Records Disclosure :
Please Note : Due to Florida ' s very broad public records law , most written communications to or from College employees regarding College business are public records , available to the public and media upon request . Therefore , this email communication may be subject to public disclosure .
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