EFSC Marketing and Communications Style Guide November 2022 | Page 12

target site linked to from this page . While we appreciate and encourage the thoughtful exchange of ideas , conversations will be monitored and comments may be deleted if threatening , inappropriate , offensive , or libelous language is used or if comments on a post veer off-topic from the original post . Any commercial offers may be removed from the site .
During the account setup process , the Office of Collegewide Communications will ensure that all graphics – including profile pictures and cover photos – comply with social media best practices and branding as outlined in the College ’ s Social Media strategy .
When posting content as a College page , images , videos , and other graphics not specifically generated by EFSC , such as media retrieved from a search engine , are not to be used without express legal permission . Contact the Office of Collegewide Communications for assistance with obtaining an appropriate form of media .
When appropriate , users are encouraged to use one or more of the College ’ s official hashtags . To make hashtags more accessible , always capitalize acronyms and the first letter of each word . This is also known as Pascal Case :
# WhereTitansRise # FutureEFSCTitan # EFSCGrad # ThisIsEFSC


Photographs intended for public use in Eastern Florida State College advertising must portray the College ’ s diversity and exhibit a reasonable representation of the EFSC community . A consent and release form must be completed by any person whose photo may be used for marketing or publicity purposes . Forms are available from and should be returned to the Office of Collegewide Communications when complete .
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