EFSC Foundation Newsletter Sepember 2017

ALUMNI Career, Life, EASTERN FLORIDA Alumni Newslett er September 2017 Brevard Local and Eastern Florida State College Graduate on Survivor! Ashley Nolan, 26, an EFSC alumna who played volleyball in 2009-2010 auditi oned for Survivor. She is a Lifeguard Captain/EMT for the Brevard County Ocean Rescue and now a competi tor on ‘Survivor’. Ashley appears in season 35, which will be aired on CBS, beginning September 27, 2017, and is ti tled Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. According to the Space Coast Daily, Nolan was selected as part of the “Heroes” Tribe. The locati on is deemed as one of the most beauti ful places on earth—Fiji. This was the fi rst ti me the tribes have been divided with the most positi ve traits oft en associated with them by others. Heroes are heralded for their courage, their achievements and ideals for which they stand. Nolan states, “Being a lifeguard when you run in the water to save someone’s life your adrenaline is going, your heart is pumping...but out here its either sink, swim or get out of the ocean. For the fi rst ti me in my life, I’ve got to let people sink, and I’m not going to take any mercy.” Watch for informati on on our viewing party, September 27th! Ashley Nolan ALUMNI ASSOCIATION In This Issue • Survivor Contestant • Class Notes - Celebrati ng You! • TED Talks • Rebranding Yourself • Online Career Workshops www.easternfl orida.edu/foundati on AL7179 Page 1