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ENroute Yearbook 2020-21

Welcome to the ENroute Yearbook 2020 – 21

In writing this foreword , I reread my foreword to last year ’ s ENroute Yearbook and I reflected on the past year and all that has been achieved . While March 2020 created a huge challenge as we closed campuses at short notice , the last academic year has tested our endurance as well as our ability to respond to rapid changes in circumstances . The old cliché of “ it ’ s a marathon not a sprint ” doesn ’ t go anywhere near describing the year . With this being an Olympic year , perhaps I could stretch the analogy – we ’ ve sprinted and run marathons and shown considerable flexibility along the way .
Professor Alyson Tobin , Vice Principal for Learning and Teaching
Everyone listed in this Yearbook has achieved recognition through Advance HE and I want to congratulate you again for your engagement and commitment during such a busy year . I ’ d also like to acknowledge those of you who contributed to this success , through mentoring , reviewing and guiding colleagues at every stage . Thank you , also , to those of you who have shared your innovative teaching practices in the pages that follow , as well as through the Moodle forum and regular WebEx and MS Teams meetings . DLTE has been at the heart of it all and I cannot sign off without acknowledging the team and especially Fiona Smart ’ s leadership and all-round positivity that has made such a massive difference to the University over so many years . I wish Fiona well in her retirement – when I know she is just as busy as usual .
On a personal note , I have only a few more weeks before I also retire from Edinburgh Napier and I think the best way to sign off is for me to repeat the words I used in last year ’ s foreword :
“ The sign of a good team is one that pulls together when things get difficult . I am very proud of the teamwork that has been at the forefront of these developments and I am immensely grateful to everyone who has supported colleagues and students with their shared expertise and professionalism , together with good measures of kindness and patience in these very uncertain times .”
Professor Alyson Tobin Vice Principal for Learning and Teaching