Edinburgh Napier University: ENroute Yearbook 2018 Edition | Page 15

ENroute Yearbook 2017-18 Modern Language and Film Undergraduate Module Sibylle Ratz, The Business School, Senior Fellow I developed the undergraduate module “Modern Language and Film” to provide a cross-languages module for language students preparing to go abroad, but also for those from the wider university interested in language issues. The module introduces students to a corpus of post-war European films sharing common themes related to identity, borders, migration and language. The module is taught by a team of language lecturers, each concentrating on a film, or indeed a theme, related to their own specialism. During the planning phase I worked collaboratively with Learning Technologists who advised me on appropriate learning technology to enhance the analysis of films. For instance, films were provided on a playlist on Box of Broadcasts, and students were required to cut relevant films clips or images from the films and embed these into Mahara for their presentations and interactive essays. For assessment purposes students focussed on a film from their target language, and they presented very creative Mahara pages on a topic of their choice linked to culture and language (such as hybridity, contact zones, communities of practice) or linguistic issues (such as subtitling, misunderstandings). 13