Edinburgh Napier University: ENroute Yearbook 2018 Edition | Page 14

ENroute Yearbook 2017-18 Is That Your Final Answer? Using Voting Technology and Team Competition to Motivate New Learners Holly Patrick, The Business School, Fellow Keeping the attention of a whole class of students can be challenging enough in a 2 hour lecture. When asked to deliver an intensive 4 day module to external professionals, my thoughts quickly turned to how keep the students motivated and attentive during the long sessions. I had one vital piece of information – they were likely to be very competitive. I decided to run a competition across the whole delivery. I split the class into teams and awarded marks based on individual performance in mini-quizzes after each topic (using the Turning Point class voting system) and team performance in case study exercises. When I handed out the voting handsets, I immediately noticed more books and highlighter pens being pulled out of bags. Excited every time the ‘Checkpoint Quiz’ slide appeared, the students were completely raucous when we reached final points reveal (and prize-giving) at the end of the week. Aside from the very positive feedback we received on how much students had enjoyed the week, the teaching team were able to reinforce key points without simply repeating them (through the answer session), and we had immediate feedback on which concepts they had understood and which needed to be revised. 12