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2 3 CHAPTER Essential oils and hair care The same cleansing, nourishing, and beautifying properties that make essential oils useful for skin care, also make them useful for hair care. Whether you want to cleanse the hair and scalp, or promote soft, shiny strands, using essential oils during your daily haircare routine will provide CHAPTER Essential oils and oral care a number of benefits that can help improve the overall look and feel of your hair. 5 Cleansing properties As mentioned, the cleansing properties found in select essential oils aren’t just useful for promoting clean skin and a clear complexion—they can also help CHAPTER How to use essential oils in your hygiene routine regular haircare routine can help everyday keep your hair looking and feeling clean. cleanse the hair and scalp. The first step to healthy-looking hair is keeping the hair clean. If you struggle with greasy hair, using essential oils during your Using essential oils to nourish and fortify the hair Everyone’s hair is a little bit different, which means everyone’s hair care needs 1 CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 3 will vary. Thankfully, because of their unique chemical design, essential oils The benefits of using essential for personal care cleansing properties that promote a clean head of oils hair, some essential oils also CHAPTER provide several benefits for the hair, depending on your needs. In addition to have nourishing elements that will help the hair look softer, shinier, or smoother. Whether you worry about frizzy fly-aways; thin, stringy strands; or lackluster Essential oils and skin care locks, there is most likely an essential oil out there that can help promote the soft, shiny head of hair you want. Some essential oils can be used to smooth out frizzy ends, while others can be applied at the roots to promote a thick, full head of hair. No matter your haircare needs, the nourishing, fortifying, and Essential oils and hair care soothing properties of certain essential oils can provide a tailored solution to your haircare problems.