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Sensitive skin


Because essential oils are so potent , it is often wise to dilute an oil before applying it to the skin . Dilution is especially important when applying particularly potent oils to areas like the face , and even more important for those with sensitive skin . There are several ways to dilute an essential oil before using it on the skin .
Lavandula angustifolia
15 mL
Carrier oils When using particularly potent oils , or for those with sensitive skin , dilute 1 drop of essential oil with 3 drops of a carrier oil ( like Fractionated Coconut Oil ) before applying to the face .
Moisturizers , Cleansers , Lotions Place a dollop of facial cleanser , moisturizer , or lotion into the palm . Add 1 drop of essential oil to the product , and rub the hands together . Apply the combination of essential oil and the skincare product to the face or skin , per product instructions .
For daily use Add a few drops of an essential oil to your favorite skin care products . By adding a few drops of an oil to your daily facial cleanser , facial lotion , toner , or moisturizer bottle , you won ’ t have to think about adding essential oils into your skincare routine — they will already be there !
These essential oils should always be diluted before topical use : Cassia , Cinnamon , Clove , Cumin , Oregano , and Thyme .

Sensitive skin

For those with sensitive skin , it is still possible to use essential oils to benefit the complexion and other areas of the skin . While essential oils are extremely potent , their cleansing and soothing nature makes them useful for those who struggle with skin sensitivity . Oftentimes , commercial cleansers and lotions can be extremely irritating for people with sensitive skin because they contain chemicals or harsh ingredients . By taking a natural approach and allowing the gentle yet effective nature of essential oils to cleanse and soothe the skin , those with a history of sensitive skin can easily transform their skincare routine .
If you have sensitive skin , be sure to dilute essential oils every time before applying them topically . It is also wise to use essential oils in smaller doses to avoid irritating the skin by overpowering it with too much of an oil at a time . Whether you have sensitive skin or not , you should always avoid applying essential oils to areas of the skin like the inner ears and nose , eyes and skin around the eyes , genitals , and broken or damaged skin .