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Making your own essential oil deodorant is easier than you think! Follow the instructions below and enjoy the lovely aroma of essential oils all day long. Essential Oil Deodorant with dōTERRA essential oils Ingredients Directions ¼ cup aluminum-free baking soda 1. Combine baking soda, cornstarch, and essential oil in bowl. 2. Combine coconut oil with other ingredients, one tablespoon at a time until mixture has reached desired consistency. (If you live in a warm climate, it is best to add one ounce of melted shea or cocoa butter to the recipe.) 3. Press firmly into empty deodorant container and let sit until coconut oil solidifies. ¼ cup cornstarch 3-5 tablespoons coconut oil 15 drops desired essential oil (oils like Geranium, Lemon, Lime, Lavender, and Melaleuca work best) 1 empty deodorant container Fingernails and toenails Use the soothing and cleansing properties of essential oils to help promote healthy fingernails and toenails. A few of the best essential oils for nails are included in the tips below. ss Cilantro Oregano s ens 15 mL Coriandrum Origanum sativum vulgare 15 mL Frankincense Boswellia Essential Oil 15 mL Cinnamon Bark Clary Sage Clove Myrrh Apply and toenails to Cinnamomum Salvia Cilantro to your Eugenia fingernails Commiphora zeylanicum caryophyllata 15 mL mL myrrha 15 15 mL mL sclarea keep them 15 looking clean and healthy 5 mL Dill Eucalyptus Apply Frankincense to the cuticles and nail beds Anethum to Eucalyptus graveolens radiata 15 mL maintain healthy-looking fingernails Cedarwood Cassia Melaleuca Marjoram Lime Cardamon Apply Melaleuca to Origanum the fingernails and toenails after Elettaria Cinnamomum Melaleuca Juniperus Citrus cardamomum 15 mL 15 mL nails looking healthy alternifolia virginiana aurantifolia 15 mL 15 mL 15 mL the showering to purify majorana and cassia keep 5 mL Cumin 5 mL Cuminum cyminum 5 mL Cypress Cilantro Cupressus sempervirens 15 mL Coriandrum sativum Use essential oils to keep your hands and cuticles looking fresh with this essential oil cuticle cream DIY. Essential Oil Cuticle Cream with Myrrh and Lavender oils Ingredients 2 tablespoons shea butter 1 teaspoon beeswax 1 tablespoon Fractionated Coconut Oil 7 drops Lavender or Myrrh oil Directions 1. In small glass container, combine