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Fresh breath Try a few of the following ideas when you want to freshen your breath with essential oils. Clove Sage Spikenard mL Mentha Eugenia spicata caryophyllata 15 mL 15 mL Roman Before going to bed at night, use Clove Petitgrain oil to Cinnamon Bark Chamomile Cedarwood Rosemary clean the teeth and gums—simultaneously Cinnamomum Juniperus Rosmarinus Anthemis Citrus zeylanicum virginiana officinalis nobilis aurantium 15 mL 15 mL 15 mL 15 mL 15 mL freshening the breath 5 mL Lime Vetiver Citrus Vetiveria aurantifolia zizanioides 15 15 mL mL Melaleuca Melaleuca alternifolia 15 mL found in oral Cardamon hygiene products due to Black its Pepper Cassia Commonly Peppermint Patchouli Oregano ability to promote fresh Elettaria breath, Peppermint oil can Piper Cinnamomum Mentha Pogostemon Origanum cardamomum nigrum piperita cassia cabin vulgare 15 mL 15 mL 15 mL breath mL the tongue to help freshen be placed 15 on the 5 mL Roman Before you leave the house in the morning, use Helichrysum Grapefruit Lavender Lemongrass Sandalwood Jasmine Spearmint Juniper Berry Thyme Spikenard Rosemary Chamomile Add one Thymus drop of Lime oil to toothpaste for added Spearmint oil to cleanse the mouth and promote Helichrysum Citrus X fresh Lavandula Cymbopogon Jasminum Mentha Juniperus Mentha Nardostachys Rosmarinus Anthemis paradisi angustifolia flexuosus vulgaris jatamansi 15 mL grandiflorum spicata spicata nobilis 15 mL 15 mL 15 mL 15 mL taste 15 mL 15 mL mL 15 15 communis 15 mL italicum officinalis 15 mL 15 mL mL cleansing properties and a refreshing breath Combine Melaleuca, Peppermint, and Lemon oil Marjoram Lime with water for a refreshing mouth rinse and breath- Origanum Citrus majorana aurantifolia 15 mL freshener 15 mL Lavender Lemongrass Jasmine Lavandula angustifolia Cymbopogon flexuosus Jasminum grandiflorum 15 mL 15 mL 15 mL In addition to brushing with essential oils, and placing them on the gums and teeth topically, you can also reap the benefits of oils for the mouth by creating your own essential oil mouth rinse. Simply combine your oil of choice with two ounces of water, and gargle for 15–30 seconds for an effective mouth rinse. Try some of the essential oil mouthwash ideas below. 1 drop Geranium 1 drop Lavender 1 drop Melaleuca 1 drop Peppermint 2 oz. water 1 drop Eucalyptus 1 drop Lemon 2 oz. water 1 drop Cinnamon 2 oz. water 1 drop Spearmint 2 oz. water More ideas for using essential oils during your daily hygiene routine Along with skin care, hair care, and oral care, there are several other tasks that make up our daily or weekly hygiene regimen. If you are looking for more ways to use essential oils during your hygiene routine, take a look at the following tips. Showering and bathing Although taking showers and baths is a relatively mundane part of our daily routine, using essential oils during these activities can help promote healthy skin, relax the mind and body at the end of a long day, and even provide us with an invigorating jump start in the morning. Here are a few ideas for using essential oils during your daily showers or at bath time. Co m Petitgra Citrus aurantium Juniper B Mouthwash 1 drop Basil 1 drop Clove 1 drop Melaleuca 2 oz. water M 5 mL Juniperus communis