E-portfolio Sofia's Dimitriou - Page 3

an international activity. The project will also help the two organizations build strong relationships, working together on future projects. 1. First project meeting in Athens – 8-11 September 2013 Elmo de Angelis have written after his first meeting in Greece: In the last 4 days ( sept. 8-11) we had completed the first meeting for the project. We were all happy because of full cooperation with all the participant. Oiko.poli.s (http://xpolis.blogspot.gr/ ) was the hosting organization under the direction of Sofia Dimitriou Psarrou. She made special arrangements to facilitate the discussion with different volunteering groups and also the visits to the city of Athens and surrounding areas. We were preparing the Minutes of the meeting for all people interested to know about activities, and mobility plan of seniors in Italy and Greece.