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My profile A. EDUCATION AND TRAINING • Chemistry degree: Chemistry Department, University of Athens • Online courses for Environmental Education • Seminars on Physical Sciences, Health Education and Environmental Education • Certified Knowledge of Computers and Informatics B. FOREIGN LANGUAGES • English • Italian a little • Spanish a little C. WORKING EXPERIENCE • 5 years in Ampetios School of Egypt • 23 years in schools of Greece • Advisor for Environmental Education in Administration of Secondary Education of West Athens (2007-2010) D. COMPETENCES AND ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS • Launcher of European Programme e-twinning • Trainer of the project “Sensitization of Teachers and Interventional Programmes to Promote the Gender Equality” • Organization of workshops and seminars about environmental education • Participation in organizing committees of conferences • Organization of European Programme Comenius, Grundtvig and Youth in Action of Institute for Youth • Creation of electronic network for climate change “Klimatofylakes” • Organization of a national teleconference of the schools-members of network “Klimatofylakes” with the subject “Climate Change” (30.4.2009) • Founding member of NGO “ECO-LOGIC” • President of Association “Oikopolis”, member of club “EEPF”, of “PEEKPE”, of management board of “Π.Φ.Σ.Π.” , of NGO OCEAN Coordinator of SAVIC project ( Grundtvig- Senior) Coordinator of SAVIC project The SAVIC project had a very successful realization. All the people who involved in this gained a lot of new experiences. SAVIC helped the Greek seniors to learn how to communicate and share ideas with other seniors working in TRAINING2000 organization from Italy. The 12 volunteers and the two associations learnt from each other and shared good practices . The seniors increased their level of motivation and awareness regarding exchanging views , interest and responsibility for learning and self- esteem . They won deeper understanding of the value of an inter-connected Europe. Furthermore were created strong friendships between Italian and Greek people. All the participants believe that in this project can be the beginning of