DyNAMC Issue 13 August 2016 Military Preview | Page 9

In this Issue: 66 - 69 110 - 111 33 Fiona Citkin gives her thoughts on Raising Awareness of Immigrants in the Military: Mirroring the Diverse U.S. “Appreciating differences can be the key to avoiding conflict all together.” DyNAMC speaks with Veteran VP of Drexel Hamilton Daniel Morales about the impact of diversity in and out of military service. Resources for Veteran Business Owners 106 - 109 DyNAMC speaks with Airman Chief Master Sergeant Danny E. Wells on the importance of leveraging diversity to accomplish missions. 96 - 98 Veteran Ginger Miller gives us a look into her organization, Women Veterans Interactive, and into the lives of women veterans transitioning into civilian life. 102 - 103 112 - 115 DyNAMC speaks with veteran Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs about her experience serving in the Army National Guard and her fight to change military hair regulations. “Do it because you want to be a part of something greater. Do it for honor”. DyNAMC speaks with veteran Kiaveth Vasquez on being a mother in the military. 34 - 41 Journeying from Army chef to restauranteur, Our Company Spotlight features Chef Judy Cage, a veteran who shares her transition from the military to following her love of cooking, teaching, and serving her community. 122 - 125 Creating positive change through diversity, inclusion, and opportunity. DyNAMC speaks with twenty-year Army veteran, John Cruzat, on how diversity policies in the military make it a model to be respected. 92 - 94 DyNAMC speaks with research analyst LCDR Leedjia Svec on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the Navy. 116 - 119 Journey with us through the life and military career of self-proclaimed dreamer, Chaplain Carl Barnes. 128 - 130 DyNAMC speaks with U.S. SBA Associate Administrator of Business Development, Jackquline Robinson-Burnette on the importance of empowering veteran and minority owned small businesses. 70 - 73 Against all odds, Michael Barlow becomes a West Point graduate and a champion of diversity. 80 - 83 Veteran Gary Richardson shares his experiences, as well as his wisdom, in the areas of diversity and inclusion and what makes him a leader in diversity training. Read More >>