DyNAMC Issue 13 August 2016 Military Preview | Page 10

President ’ s Perspective

Today ’ s Military :

Is It the Blueprint of a Diverse Society ?

Founder Aldrica Lattimore
DyNAMC ’ s Military issue educates , enlightens and inspires the world featuring Service Members , Veterans , their Families and those who work tirelessly in various capacities to lend support and advocacy .
DyNAMC celebrates all military including those
time , combat and non-combat , at home and overseas , and presently as an active member or in supportive or advocacy capacity .
We Salute All Of You !
including but not limited to race , ethnicity , gender , gender identity , sexual orientation , age , social class , physical ability or attributes , religious or ethical values , national origin , and political beliefs .
“ We owe our troops the opportunity to serve in the best-planned , best-equipped , and best-led military force in the world , and we owe them the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they and their families will be taken care of if they sacrifice life , limb or the ability to sleep without war ’ s nightmares . We owe them not just thanks and best wishes , but action , and action in our nation ’ s capital .” — Senator John Kerry
Inclusion is involvement and empowerment , where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized . A true inclusive society promotes and sustains a sense of belonging ; it values and practices respect for the talents , beliefs , backgrounds , and ways of living of all .
The military has made and continues to strive to be a model of diversity and inclusion .
We can all agree on some level that the men and women of the United States military deserve our thanks . Even if you don ’ t agree with all the policies and procedures the military has in place , they do protect our rights and our country . In addition to protection , security , and enemy engagement , members of the military perform counter drug operations , law
enforcement duties , and humanitarian missions in volatile areas around the world .
The United States military falls under the direction of the President of the United States and the Secretary of the Department of Defense , with the mission being to deter war , as well as protect the security of our country and its citizens . The Army , Navy , and Marine Corps were formed in 1775 at the time of the American War for Independence . The Coast Guard was established in 1790 and the Air Force followed in 1947 . The U . S . Armed Forces include active duty personnel , reserve and national guard forces , retirees , and veterans who all supported by countless family members and friends .