DyNAMC Issue 10 November 2015 Preview | Page 9

Company Profile Noel Alexander: CEO Globalizing Entrepreneurship: Diversity in the Tech Industry By Writer Shar-Lee Davis As times evolve so too must entrepreneurs, in order to succeed in an ever changing competitive world. DyNAMC speaks with NAMCO Member CEO Noel Alexander of VAST Management Corporation on how to achieve and sustain success in today’s business world. Born into a West IndianAmerican family, Noel Alexander, CEO of VAST Management Corp., describes his family as being very organized and entrepreneurial. He points out to DyNAMC that his father, who had been an entrepreneur for many years, was one of his greatest mentors who espoused vision, enthusiasm, and energy around all things and had a lot to do with his decision to become an entrepreneur. into the project management arena, a demand for more project managers was created. This is the basis upon which his corporation, VAST, was created. They specialize in finding innovative solutions to the variety of challenges that businesses across the globe face every day. been that if you can produce results, then that is what is important.” He emphasizes that attention must be placed on cultivating good client relationships and producing consistent quality in order to ensure continued growth, viability, and profit generation in any business. When it comes to running a successful business, Alexander states that the biggest challenge is time. He explains that there are “Plenty of opportunities to pursue, but you have to prioritize those in terms of returns on investment because you just don’t have enough time to pursue everything.” When asked if his African-American ethnicity has ever been a disadvantage, he responded, “I don’t think it hindered me in any way, and I don’t necessarily say it helped me in any way. I think that, when it comes down to business, my experience has With the myriad of cultures and ethnicities that call the United States home, Alexander puts across to DyNAMC that small businesses stand not only to benefit from diversified work forces, but also from networking, which is key. He states that “time is premium” and to be able to capitalize on what limited time is available, small business owners must learn to use the networking potential that exists. He explains this is one of the fundamental steps on the way to expansion and the ability to tap into the benefits of globalization. To help with DyNAMC • ISSUE 10 Alexander graduated from Excelsior College. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Leadership from Capella University. As to his particular choice of business, Alexander states that, “Many years ago one would have called the project management and IT fields an accidental occupation.” However, as management consulting grew out of the information technology space and moved Noel Alexander 9