DyNAMC Issue 10 November 2015 Preview | Page 2

E - MISSION DyNAMC Leaders for a Changing World magazine publication makes a conscience decision to be socially and environmentally responsible by creating a digital e-magazine and print on demand medium which minimizes the environmental footprint. Our digital platform delivers in the most environmentally friendly for a few good reasons. We want to avoid killing trees and just think: · How much ink and paper is saved by e-magazines rather than printed publications? · How much energy is saved by not using massive printing presses? · How much savings are passed on to subscribers by reducing distribution and print costs? However for many readers nothing beats the look and the feel of print. To some, it is unforgettable. ByutilizingourPrint-on-Demandfeaturewepromote: • Environmentally friendly equipment • Decreasing overall waste by only needing to print per order and eliminate: • Large waste quantities • Overstocking DyNAMC • ISSUE 10 2 DyNAMC’s foundation is built on our values, which distinguishes us and guides our actions. We conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We embrace creativity and diversity and use business to inspire and implement solutions.