DyNAMC Issue 10 November 2015 Preview

DyNAMC Leaders for a Changing World November 2015 ISSUE NO.10 Diversity Across the Globe The Truth About Diversity Data DyNAMC focuses this issue on top leaders who champion diversity across the globe representing business, media, film, politics, education, veterans, energy, women, LGBT, religion, banking, housing, bullying, seniors and law enforcement. The Truth in Interpreting Supplier Diversity Reporting President"s Perspective Comfortable Silence Noel G. Alexander, PMP CEO Company Profile VAST Management Corp. White About Race Viewpoint features the White perception of race relations in the U.S. Kiss Me “ILove Diversity” Winner Roundtable Are diverse suppliers challenged with access to the decision makers? Pastor Dallas Wilson DIVERSITY Confortable Silence or Uncomforable Truth