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Keep in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter! /DDNMagazine @DDNMagazine Contents ON THE COVER editor’s letter ‘How difficult, when stigma adds to the pain’ Family support: tackling stigma p6 4 NEWS I Scottish government launches new drug and alcohol strategies. 6 FINDING A VOICE Opening up on stigma to give families much-needed support. 8 AN EQUAL PARTNERSHIP Let’s make service user involvement meaningful, says Mark Pryke. 10 LEGAL LINE Don’t miss your chance to challenge CQC inaccuracies, says Samantha Cox. 11 CZAR GAZING In his first regular column, Mike Trace looks back at the days of the NTA. 11 HAVING THE VISION Good commissioning goes beyond purchasing, as DDN reports. 12 DRIVING CHANGE Drug law enforcement has become a tool of oppression, hears HIT Hot Topics. 14 BEYOND THE GATE Why aren’t all prisons implementing a vital life-saving naloxone strategy? 16 FINAL DESTINATION Taking the road to recovery in an age of shrinking budgets: the GPs’ conference. 18 POST-ITS FROM PRACTICE Treatment optimisation is about more than just dose, says Steve Brinksman. 18 IN IT TOGETHER Lee Collingham gives his personal reflection of the GPs’ conference. 20 AT THE CUTTING EDGE Claire Brown, editor DDN looks back at a turbulent 2018 in its review of the year. DDN is published by CJ Wellings Ltd, Romney House, School Road, Ashford, Kent TN27 0LT t: 0845 299 3429 www.drinkanddrugsnews.com Editor: Claire Brown e: [email protected] Subscriptions: e: [email protected] Advertising manager: Ian Ralph e: [email protected] website: www.drinkanddrugsnews.com Reporter: David Gilliver e: [email protected] Designer: Jez Tucker e: [email protected] t’s harder than usual at this time of year for any of us who have lost loved ones or who are struggling to support them through illness. How much more difficult must it be when stigma adds to the pain and heartbreak? Katie’s decision to share her story (page 6) is a courageous one that will help to tackle prejudice on many levels. Storytelling is particularly helpful in the context of family support, as John Taylor discovered when he suggested the idea to his clients at the DAWS Family and Friends service. He found that many had even stopped talking to people closest to them and were working through their trauma alone. Tapping into this form of peer support can offer a valuable source of strength that deserves our encouragement. As the year comes to a close, conference season has been in full swing and we have reports from HIT Hot Topics (page 12) and the GPs’ conference (page 16). Our write-up of the LJWG’s event on hepatitis C will be in our next issue. The themes may be recurring but there are many new ideas, fresh inspiration and invigorating debates. At HIT there was an interesting discussion about the ‘othering’ of people in society and an invitation to re-examine preconceptions. And in this spirit of contemplation, we reflect back on another year of cuts and chaos, where we have felt powerless to halt the rise of drug and alcohol-related deaths. But we are also reminded of some important things that make a difference – strong harm reduction, good commissioning, and a commitment to learning from each other. I hope you enjoy a safe and peaceful festive season and we’ll be back for the February issue. Keep in touch with us over the break – and don’t forget to secure your ticket to the DDN conference on 21 February! Website support by wiredupwales.com Printed on environmentally friendly paper by the Manson Group Ltd Keep in touch at www.drinkanddrugsnews.com and @DDNmagazine Cover by GMVozd/iStock DDN is an independent publication, entirely funded by advertising. Proud to work in partnership with: CJ Wellings Ltd does not accept respon si bility for the accuracy of state ments made by contri bu t ors or advertisers. The contents of this magazine are the copyright of CJ Wellings Ltd, but do not necess arily represent its views, or those of its partner organisations. December/January 2019 | drinkanddrugsnews | 3