Drink and Drugs News DDN December 2018 | Page 2

pioneering simplicity new Enhanced harm reduction solutions with greater choice helping to meet service users needs NEW Solo Syringes and Ultra LDS Needles. Helping to reduce the risk of sharing injecting equipment and transmission of blood-borne viruses. 2ml So The 1ml and 2ml Solo syringes from Frontier Medical comes in five colours, making it easy to identify injecting equipment and helping to reduce the risk of accidental sharing. 1ml So The ultra low dead space needles have 82% less dead space than standard injecting equipment. Helping to reduce the risk of blood-borne virus transmission caused by the sharing or reuse of injecting equipment. 1 1ml So lo Syrin g es lo Fixe d Ne e dle Sy ringes lo Syrin ges (L uer Sli p) To learn more please visit our website or call us today. 1. Data Report on File: National Physical Laboratory. August 2018 Call +44 (0)1495 235800 Email: [email protected] Website: www.frontier-group.co.uk Ultra LD Frontier Medical Group, Block G Newbridge Road Industrial Estate, Blackwood, Caerphilly NP12 2YN United Kingdom. S Need les Available from the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue For more information: