DJ REM STUDIOS Webzine September 2013 Issue 2

Band: Evil Lucifera Country: Italy Album: Atrium Infernalis Music Style: Black Metal Record Label: La Mazakuata Records Facebook: DJ REM Interviews—Evil Lucifera Hailz metalheads and rockers.!!! Today, it is my honor and pleasure to share with you my interview with Evil Lucifera. 1. Please introduce yourself and the other members of the band, and what their spot is in the band. Evil Lucifera: Extreme metal singer, ex drummer, black metalheads and visual artist. Lead vocalist of the band. Dean Mills: Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboards, Synth, Programmer/Arranger, Producer. I play guitar and I do all the arrangements of the musical part. 2. How long have you guys been together ? E.L: I started in 2009 with another guy that has since left the band, and in his place now there's Dean Mills, and I started to collaborate with him about 18 months ago.