DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #7 April 2016 | Page 2

What a month! The whirlwind of "super-mega-happy-fun-times" that was Superbooth, I've got a load of cool new modules in for up-coming videos and I've just finished a mammoth amount of work that although I can't say anything publicly (you'll see soon enough) I'm happy to say the work is somewhat finished. Progress and planning is happening for the next big UK modular event "Modular Meets Leeds" that I hold in August each year with Phil "BlueWolfSe7en" too which is always exciting as seeing so many people come together for those events is great. As always everything underlined is a link so click away to head to any content linked through the magazine.

I think it's good to highlight a module that I'm currently using a lot and having a lot of fun with that's not just something new and hyped up that people are excited about. That module for me this month is the Rampage from Befaco. It's a relatively new dual function generator (yes like Maths and the Serge Dual Slope Generators) that's packed with features for audio and CV. I've a full demo video to check out so click HERE if you want to watch that.

I stumbled across this first video on the Muff Wiggler Forum (click HERE for the thread) and if you've seen the thread you'll see it has a lot of people confused. To be honest I'm not 100% sure what the idea is and the video is kind of strange but the general gist is … Sound-art designer Yuri Suzuki and Moog Music have teamed up to present "The Global Synthesizer Project" which is going to be an interactive electronic musical instrument installation. They're aiming to pull in sounds from all over the world by letting anyone submit sounds to the project (they want field recordings from "audio adventurers" not synth sounds). You can click HERE for the video and check it out for yourself. There's also a post on the Moog website HERE if you want further information.

Peter Kirn over at Creative Digital Music has

recently put a post titled "Here are 3 epic

performances on modular that aren't

noodling". No, I don't want to get into what's

music and what's noodling - that's debated

enough online as it is. But what it does

highlight is a great set of video and audio and the article also talks about the artists and some of the gear used. So it's a good read for many. Click HERE to head to the article and click play on some of the content embedded here in the magazine.