Ditchmen • NUCA of Florida Ditchmen • January 2018 - Page 8

LEADERSHIP 8 AT-LARGE MEMBER BRIAN HUNSICKER Q&A Can you briefly tell us about your professional background? Hunsicker: December 1980 upon graduation From University of Central Florida(UCF) with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering Technology I joined Craig A. Smith and Associates. I began as a Design Engineer and eventually Director of Construction Services. This is where I began dealing with W. Jackson & Sons Construction(UCA/NUCA DITCHMEN • JANUARY 2018 Members) and eventually joined them in 1988 as an Estimator/ PM. With the industry turndown in 1993 I joined CONTECH Construction Products, Inc as a Sales Engineer. It was there where I got the opportunity to join the Rinker Material Concrete Pipe Division(UCA/ NUCA Member) team as a Sales Manager in 1999. In 2004 I joined the Owner/Management team of US Concrete Pipe Co for 11 years