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Page 2 Welcome in Reunion Island. Let’s discover our local recipes and how we cook it. Our measures are not the same as in your country. Let’s compare On the 10th of February 2019, we had the great privilege to welcome teachers from Ireland, Po- land and Macedonia. The pupils from Reunion Island first studied in class local recipes and they focused on ingredients and measures be- cause they were not the same all over the world. Then, they were asked to prepare some local recipes for the teachers to taste them. Manon prepared a sweet potatoes cake. Leo and Benoît prepared some samossas : a recipe coming from India since we have a lot of Indian people in our Island. Lucille cooked a creole pie : one was not flavored and the second was with jam. Leo and his parents prepared juices with local fruits like mangoes. Even if the teachers arrived on Sunday, our Principal Mr Bour- geois was kind enough to open the school to allow us to welcome everyone at once. Students’ parents were there as well to meet the teachers and to make them discover our local recipes. Before tasting every dishes, students introduced the recipes with the in- gredients they used and the different measures. We spent a nice time together. It was the best way to meet each other for the first time . By the students from Reunion Island Recepies from Reunion The Creole pie Ingredients :  eggs  butter  turmeric  salt The Creole pie is a typical culinary preparation of the Reunion Island, salty or sweet, must for the holiday season. When salted, it's made with chicken or pork, so it's served as a starter. When sweet, it's made with a jam (papaya or guava in general), it's then served as a dessert. This sweet version is the most common nowadays. It accompanies traditionally a small glass of anisette.  sugar  flour  jam or meat Walk through Science DIGITAL MAGAZINE By Lucille Payet Reunion