Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 3 2019 - Page 7

FROM THE REGISTRAR'S DESK Giving Thanks I want to start this message by first giving thanks to the 275 family medicine phy- sicians who have volunteered their time to trial our new full suite of Quality Im- provement tools. We set a goal of recruiting 250 family doctors and exceeded that goal. I am truly grateful for the time and feedback you are giving us so that we can build an ex- ceptional Quality Improvement program here at the College. I also want to express my gratitude to those here at the College at the staff and commit- tee level who have been working diligently to improve our complaints process. We are con- tinuing to see impressive results. The time to complete a complaint has decreased by 37% over a one-year period and we have increased the number of complaints through early resolution (ADR) by 169% over the same one-year period. We have also reduced the time to release a discipline decision by 51%. We are committed to continuing to improve our processes and will keep you updated on our progress. And to the hundreds of physicians and stakeholders across the province that contrib- uted to our newly approved Continuity of Care policies, thank you! These policies are an important component of patient-centred care and patient safety and the collaboration involved in developing these policies has been Nancy Whitmore, MD College Registrar/CEO extensive. I’m grateful to those who worked with us to serve the patients of Ontario. You can read more about these new policies on the CPSO website and in this issue. The process of redesigning our policies is complete! We have now redesigned all policies not under active review, resulting in a 40% reduction in word count without losing or al- tering any expectations but ultimately making it easier for you to find the information you need. This has been a large undertaking by our policy team and committee members…so thank you! In the next issue of Dialogue, you’ll notice a fresh, modern new look! This reflects the College’s new strategic plan and priorities and our commitment to modernize regula- tion in Ontario. We will also be launching a new electronic version of Dialogue magazine in January in addition to the print version. The online magazine will allow you to view articles from your computer or mobile device and search various articles with ease. Finally, I want to thank you – the physi- cians of Ontario – for your ongoing commit- ment to the work you do providing excellent, quality care. ISSUE 3, 2019 DIALOGUE 7