Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 3 2019 - Page 15

REPORTS FROM COUNCIL the practice’s patients. This policy is an up- date of the policy entitled Practice Manage- ment Considerations for Physicians who Cease to Practise, Take an Extended Leave of Absence or Close their Practice Due to Relocation. The Closing a Medical Practice policy generally maintains the expectations that were set out in the consultation draft. The accompanying Advice to the Profession document includes further explanation about expectations and includes a resources section identifying key resources from stakeholders. This article is on page 36. Policy Redesign Implementation Council has approved its second batch of policies redesigned to enhance their readabil- ity for physicians. The nine policies set out expectations in a clear and concise manner and better distinguish between mandatory and permis- sive expectations. As with the first batch of redesigned policies approved by Council in May, the expectations articulated within the policies have not changed. To date, 24 poli- cies not currently under review have been redesigned in the new format. As part of its policy redesign process, Council took the opportunity to clarify the language of its “effective referral” requirement that is embedded within two high profile policies. The expectation of the College is un- changed, and the language change is simply meant as a clarification. Please see article on page 35. Council also took the opportunity of the policy redesign to reflect the direction of a recent court decision in regard to the writing of no-CPR orders. The changes reflecting the court's direction were made to the Planning for and Providing Quality End-of-Life Care policy. The policy will be reviewed in its en- tirety in 2020. Please see article on page 29. Some small housekeeping amendments were also made to the Mandatory and Per- missive Reporting policy. Since the policy was last updated, a number of legislative amendments have come into force, necessitat- ing that the amendments be made. Transparency The College will begin posting information related to charges and findings of guilt from international jurisdictions (under criminal laws, health insurance (billing) laws and con- trolled drugs and substances laws comparable to those in Canada/Ontario) that occurred on or after September 20, 2019. Criminal Record Search Council approved minor revisions to the newly titled Criminal Record Search policy. The new title reflects the variability in ter- minology used across jurisdictions. Amend- ments to the policy were made in response to process changes in the registration program area and to streamline the policy by focusing only on registration issues. MD ISSUE 3, 2019 DIALOGUE 15