Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 2 2019 - Page 18

FOR YOUR INFORMATION Have Your Say WWW.CPSO.ON.CA Open Consultations The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario values your feedback. We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions for the proposed content in the following draft policies: Disclosure of Harm The draft policy updates the expectations of physicians where a patient has experienced harm or potential harm in the course of medical treatment. The draft policy has been reframed to reflect current terminology in the area of patient safety and disclosure. It also updates expectations about what to disclose, to whom to disclose, and who must disclose, and clarifies the disclosure responsibilities for physicians providing team-based case, postgraduate learners, and subsequent physicians. Prescribing Drugs The draft policy updates the College’s expectations for all physicians who prescribe drugs or provide drug samples to patients. The policy also addresses expectations regarding appropriate prescribing of narcotics and controlled substances, including opioids. Boundary Violations The draft policy generally maintains the principles and expectations of the current policy but a few clarifications and additions have been made. We provide more guidance around the presence of third parties at examinations and the draft policy sets out expectations related to social and financial/business relationships between physicians and patients. The deadline to provide feedback is August 2 nd , 2019. www.cpso.on.ca/Consultations The feedback received through these consultations will be reviewed and considered in light of the College’s mandate to protect the public. We value your feedback and thank you for participating in these policy reviews. 18 DIALOGUE ISSUE 2, 2019