Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 2 2019 - Page 16

REPORTS FROM COUNCIL These changes were accomplished without adding more resources. Dr. Whitmore also informed Council that we are in the process of testing our new Quality Improvement tools with nearly 1,000 family physicians. Governance Discussion As the College moves toward modernizing its governance structure, the College’s Governance Committee has done a review of our frame- work and put forward several proposals for preliminary discussion. Some of the proposals include limiting com- mittee terms to a maximum of nine years and capping the limit on any combination of com- mittee or Council membership to 18 years. At the next meeting, a bylaw will come before Council proposing to discontinue the Outreach Committee and have its work ab- sorbed by the Executive Committee mandate. Policy Redesign Implementation Council has approved the first batch of poli- cies that have been redesigned to improve their use and readability for physicians. The expectations in the policies have not changed. The 11 policies have been redesigned to be more clear and concise and better distinguish between mandatory and permissive expecta- tions. The policy redesign strategy reflects the “keep it simple” approach inherent in right- touch regulation. An additional batch of redesigned policies will be considered later this year. Policies – External consultations We want your feedback on three draft poli- cies now out for consultation. We invite you to participate in consultations for the 16 DIALOGUE ISSUE 2, 2019 following draft policies: Disclosure of Harm, Boundary Violations and Prescrib- ing Drugs. Materials for each consultation, includ- ing instructions on submitting feedback, are available online at www.cpso.on.ca. The deadline to provide feedback is August 2, 2019. We have articles about each of the draft policies in this issue. Cayton Report and Regulatory Reform Council was presented with information about a report resulting from an inquiry into the College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC). In 2018, the BC Minister of Health asked Mr. Harry Cayton, the former CEO of the United Kingdom’s Professional Standards Authority, to conduct an inquiry into the CDSBC. The inquiry followed reports of the mishandling of allegations of sexually inap- propriate comments made to a dentist by its then Registrar/CEO. The scope of the inquiry was broader than this particular incident and Council was provided with a copy of the report because it addresses the Health Professions Act and the statutory framework for health professional regulation in BC. The report is relevant to the CPSO given the potential for health profes- sional regulatory reform in Ontario and Mr. Cayton’s influence as an international expert in health regulation. Overall, the report supports the work that the CPSO has done on governance, policy redesign and physician engagement, and the work that will be done as part of the Strategic Plan and continuing governance modernization. MD