Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 2 2019 | Page 9

FEATURE Opioid Prescribing Addressing the challenges of legacy patients, the effect of the Canadian guidelines and the importance of patient collaboration I f you’ve attended a College pre- sentation on opioids prescribing within the last couple of years, it is likely that you have met Dr. Steven Bodley, past president of the CPSO. With his many years of experience in chronic pain management and his knowledge of College policy, he has been the go-to person to explain the College’s approach on prescribing and answer any and all questions on the subject. Recently, we spoke to the North Bay anesthesiologist about what he is hearing in the field, the effect of the Canadian opioid guidelines, the issues arising from legacy patients and the proposed changes to our Prescribing Drugs policy. ISSUE 3, 2018 DIALOGUE 9