Dialogue Volume 15, Issue 2 2019 | Page 8

FOR YOUR INFORMATION Garrett Mac Sweeney @MacSweeneyG 4 Jun 2019 @CraigRoxborough from @cpso_ca presenting a fantastic discussion in @TRSM_MBA ‘s Regulation, Government, and Socially Responsible Management tamar packer @PackerTamar 30 May 2019 Congratulations to our colleague and committed Hamiltonian! From our Twitter Feed CPSO @rcpso_ca 30 May 2019 The opportunity to take the CPSO to the next level is a great and humbling honour, says incoming CPSO president Dr. @ BrendaCopps. She feels very supported by staff, the registrar/ CEO, and Council itself. "Let the work begin!" Maggie Keresteci @MaggieKeresteci 30 May 2019 I'm glad to hear that Julie was there sharing with the CPSO group Scott - she's an amazing advocate, smart as a whip and has done terrific work for patients and their families. @cpso_ca Scott Wooder @ScottWooder 30 May 2019 It was a pleasure to hear from @SolidFooting at @cpso_ca Council today. Great work being done by Ontario Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council. A solid vision for what patients deserve and expect. #onhealth Emily Nicholas @Emily_Nicholas8 22 May 2019 A summary of findings from @cpso_ca engagement activities with stakeholders including the public. Glad to see efforts to improve and to help patients and public understand their role . Jocelyn Downie @jgdownie 15 May 2019 A powerful decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal upholding the @cpso_ca efforts to protect vulnerable patients. A strong statement against shaming, stigmatization, and barriers to access to legal health services https://bit. ly/2Jmaau8 Journal of Medical Regulation @JournalofMedReg 8 May 2019 In a new report, @wendyyen77 and Niels Thakkar of @cpso_ca provide a state of the science summary of select risk and support factors to physician performance -- compiling evidence from multiple reviews into one accessible document. Read it here: https://bit.ly/2PZ2iPG Laura Williams @williamslaura 13 May 2019 Thank you @cpso_ca team for teaching us about your dispute resolution process at today’s Ontario Patient Relations Meeting @UHN @UHNPatientExp Lennox Huang @LennoxHuang 1 May 2019 Love this link to compliment a physician on the @cpso_ca website! #doctorsday #NationalPhysiciansDay 8 DIALOGUE ISSUE 2, 2019