Destination Bliss Volume 3 | Page 45

LOCATION W ith so many stunning backdrops and beautiful places around the globe, picking a destination wedding location can be nearly impossible. Consider these four things to help you narrow down your options! Incorporate Your Interests Are you and your significant other the active and adventure type? Or are Piña cooladas on the beach more your speed? Whatever it is you care most about while traveling, be sure to choose a location that allows you to do whatever it is you love! Not all destination weddings have to be beach weddings! Consider Your Honeymoon Think about where you want to go on your honeymoon. Would that also double as a great wedding location? You can celebrate with friends and family and then explore the destination as newlyweds after you tie the knot and everyone heads home. Or perhaps if you want your honeymoon and destination wedding location to be two different places, you could exchange vows somewhere close to your honeymoon spot, making it easy to get there once the big day comes to an end. A Lake Como wedding gives you many nearby honeymoon options! Photo by Photo by Your Adventure Wedding Photo by Aaron & Jillian Photography CALL OUR AGENCY and we’ll help you make your final decision