Destination Bliss Volume 3 | Page 44



By Sarah Title

Choose a Backdrop

Do you want to exchange I do ’ s with picturesque Caribbean waves in the background ? Or would you rather have your first kiss with the sun setting over the Eiffel Tower behind you ? Close your eyes and envision where you see yourself getting married , and consider a location that directly reflects that .
Known for its picturesque scenery , Paris isn ’ t a bad place for your first kiss !

Set a Budget

Before you hit the ground running on planning , it ’ s important that you set a budget . Have an open and honest discussion with your significant other and whoever else may be contributing financially to your big day . This can help you narrow down options . If you ’ re on a tight budget , flying halfway across the world to your destination may not be realistic , therefore you ’ ll eliminate distant locations and you can start looking a little closer to home .
Mexico is a little closer to home and offers an array of all-inclusive resorts !
Photo by Catherine O ’ Hara Photography Photo by Anna Gomes Photography