Design Guide Parent Guides and Handouts | Page 7


Quick Reference Guides are available in five topics .

1 Labor and Birth

Summarizes the basics of labor with clear photos and illustrations . Includes information on stages of labor , coping tips and warning signs .

2 Labor Support

Designed to help a birth partner better understand the needs of a laboring woman . Includes advice for preparing in advance and being an advocate .

3 Postpartum Recovery

Includes physical healing , emotions , and tips to ease postpartum stress . Covers normal discomforts , warning signs , cesarean recovery and more .

4 Nursing Your Baby

Summarizes breastfeeding basics , including tips for starting out right , hunger cues , getting a good latch and knowing if baby is getting enough .

5 Your Newborn

Highlights newborn characteristics such as appearance and abilities . Includes a summary of newborn needs and soothing strategies .
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