Delaware Nature Society Annual Reports Annual Report 2013 | Page 7

Nature by numbers Plants sold at Native Plant Sale 7,900 Facebook “likes” 2,792 Twitter followers 626 Hawk Watch results: Migrating diurnal raptors counted 20,880 Audiences by location See pages 14-15 CSA produce grown 100,000 lbs CSA vegetable varieties grown 39 Energy produced from Solar Panels at Ashland and Coverdale 161,000 kwh New Certified Wildlife Habitats (formerly Backyard Wildlife Habitats) 25 Farthest trip traveled to Cuba Honey Bees pollinating Coverdale Farm Preserve 560,000 Volunteer hours 19,500 Total number of volunteers 1022 Acres managed 1,890 Voice It followers 1,974 Tons of trash removed from Red Clay Clean up 13 tons Fuzzy chicks hatched 588 Eastern Meadowlark nesting On a warm summer day, our Land Steward, Dave Pro, was mowing weeds in a meadow near Coverdale Farm Preserve when a Meadowlark flew out of the brush! Looking closer, he found a Meadowlark nest that was hidden in the grass. This meadow had once been filled with cool season grasses that were too dense for Meadowlarks to take up home in. Once we took out all of the cool season grasses and planted native grasses in their place, a habitat was created that was perfect for Meadowlarks – and other native birds – to raise their young. @DENatureSociety 7