December 2022 Newsletter December 2022 Newsletter | Page 5

We got through November ; the weather has been decent , and we have had some golfers at the course . The restaurant is continuing to stay very busy with CB and his staff doing a great job . We just launched our new lunch menu anddinner menu and have had great comments . December is a very busy month for the club . Deborah has been busy booking events and we have quite a few Christmas parties which is a great thing this time a year !
It will be a great month for the club at this time a year . We really don ’ t get a lot of inquiries about memberships , so we need to continue to keep advertising our beautiful golf course and the amenities that are in place for our social members . We have plenty of events through the year and a very active golf calendar and tennis programs . These are the type of things that people are looking for to join a club . You as members are ambassadors of the country club and is a great way to get people interested by letting them know of all the great things Lexington Golf and Country Club has to offer .
This is the time that we are thinking about what type of things that we can do for 2023 to make it even better than 2022 . My staff and myself will do everything we can to make sure every member and every guest have a great experience . As always , my door is always open , and I encourage if anybody has anything to comment on I would love to hear from you I hope everyone has a great holiday hopefully everyone will beable to see friends and family it ’ s a great time of the year .
Thank you ,

Tim Burkhart

General Manager