December 2022 Newsletter December 2022 Newsletter | Page 4

“ The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change ”
This quote rings true for our club and your Board of Directors continue to think of ways to improve member experience . 2022 Highlights :
• Created a new Major Events committeethat planned and executed Member Weekend , Member Guest Weekend and Memorial Day .
• A ‘ mini ’ concert series on # 10 tee box .
• A new Pool Gate Cafe .
• Parents Night Out .
• Reinstated the annual member party .
2022 has been an extraordinary year for the club as we continue to recover from the lingering economic effects of COVID , labor issues , and inflation .
Despite these challenges we were able to have highly successful , well attended , events . I would like to thank employees , the board and members for their exhaustive work as these events were a success .
We look forward to an exciting 2023 as we build on 2022 and plan for the future . The Board wishes you all a joyous Holiday Season and , as always , we will see you at the Club !
TAMMY SHOMO Golf Committee Chairwoman
SEAN HARRINGTON Vice President & Major Events
HALL HILL Golf Committee Chairman
JACK BOVAY Immediate Past President & Major Events
CHRISTY HARRIS Golf Committee Chairwoman
JASON MELVIN Past President & Major Events
KEVIN BURKE Membership Committee Chairman
SCOTT SHANK Treasurer & Finance Committee Chairman
MOLLY STEELE Pool Committee Chairwoman
BOBBY HOBBS Finance Committee
FINLEY WADDELL Greens Committee Chairman