Dateline October - December 2018 - Page 9

Adult Academy THE BRITISH MONARCHY Learn about the pomp and pageantry of the British royals, the royal weddings, the Queen and her family in this 3-part series. Terry Kubista The Pomp & Pageantry of England The people of the United States seem enthralled by the pageantry of the English and the Royal Family is a source of mystique. Come and learn about the family Windsor, the history and the traditions. Date: Mon, Oct 1 Time: 1:30–3:30 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEQ5A Location: Gladstone, 105 Royal Weddings Royal weddings are often not as they seem. Did you know that the Queen must approve each marriage in the Royal Family? Were you aware that she can and has vetoed marriages? A look behind the scenes of some of the more recent royal weddings will be eye opening. Date: Mon, Nov 5 Time: 1:30–3:30 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEQ5B Location: Gladstone, 105 Roots of American Music “Blues is the roots, all the rest is the fruits.” –Willie Dixon Settle in and enjoy this journey, through words and music that chronicles the history of blues from New Orleans, to the Mississippi Delta and on to Memphis, Chicago and finally Detroit. Hear how the blues gave rise to jazz, rock ’n roll, country, hip hop and rap. John Rogers Date: Wed, Oct 17 Time: 1:00–2:30 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEQ9 Location: Gladstone, 105 The Queen & Her Family Elizabeth II has ruled the United Kingdom for longer than any other monarch in world history. She and her forefathers together have ruled for almost a thousand years. Why is she gaining popularity again after her popularity suffered so badly just a few years ago? Why is she portrayed so stiff and unfeeling? Could it be that her job is changing or is she changing the job? Date: Mon, Dec 3 Time: 1:30–3:30 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEQ5C Location: Gladstone, 105 Entire Series Date: Mon, Oct 1, Nov 5, Dec 3 3 sessions Time: 1:30–3:30 pm Cost: $30 Class #: AEQ5Series Location: Gladstone, 105 Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport! 2017 was politically unprecedented and 2018 Election Day is quickly approaching. Examine recent trends in American politics, the coming 2018 midterm elections and what role citizens and voters have in the political system. David Schultz Date: Wed, Oct 3 Time: 1:00–3:00 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEQ3 Location: Gladstone, 105 Our Minnesota State Capitol from Groundbreaking through Restoration From gleaming marble and vibrant art to new public spaces, the Minnesota State Capitol’s $310 million renovation—the largest preservation effort since it opened in 1905—is complete. The Capitol’s historic furniture, artwork and interior decorations have been restored to their 1905 appearance. Learn about the history and rehabilitation of this iconic building from Denis P. Gardner, Minnesota’s National Register Historian at the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office. Complement this course by attending the Minnesota State Capitol Tour on page 6. Denis P. Gardner Date: Fri, Oct 5 Time: 1:00–3:00 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEQ4 Location: Gladstone, 105 Our Government in Hiding What would happen if a catastrophe or nuclear attack killed our president and most of the leaders of government? Who would be in charge? Where would they be located? How would the country function? Explore the history of plans for such an event, beginning way back in 1776, through WWII and today. You’ll learn about the bunkers, the plans for succession (not always what you think), the practice drills being held every year, and who will be saved and who is considered expendable if the unthinkable happens. Kathy Simmer Date: Mon, Oct 15 Time: 6:00–8:00 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEQ1 Location: Gladstone, 105 District 622 Community Education • Gladstone 55+ Center • • 651-748-7250 9