Dateline January - March 2019 - Page 6

Educational Opportunities - Something for Everyone Pages 6–9 Let your Creative side show Canvas au Latte—Cardinal Creek Alpaca Fleece Dryer Balls Wake up and discover your inner artist! Paint along with the instructor as she guides you step-by-step from a blank 16 x 20” canvas to a inished rendition of a colorful snow scene with a creek and cardinals. No experience needed, just come and have fun with acrylics using textures for the snow banks and distant hills. Coffee provided, a supply fee of $3 is payable to the instructor in class. Julie Schroeder Date: Fri, Feb 22 Time: 9:00 am–12:30 pm Cost: $35 Class #: AEA16 Location: Gladstone, 107A No chemicals, no perfumes, and handcrafted by you! By absorbing moisture, dryer balls help to maintain a more humid environment in the dryer, thereby cutting down on static. They also reduce drying time by helping to aerate the items while drying. It’s a win-win and now you can learn to make your own from alpaca leece. Diane Coderre Date: Tue, Feb 19 Time: 1:00–3:00 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEA10 Location: Gladstone, 108 Additional painting classes and workshops as well as basketry, weaving, welding and beading classes can be found in the Learning for All catalog or you can call the ofϔice at 651-748-7250 for more information History matters Holocaust in Europe The Holocaust refers to the genocide of millions of Jewish people and other persecuted groups during World War II. Learn about these atrocities and the sympathizers that responded to the extreme violence employed by the Nazis. Dan Hartman Date: Fri, Jan 25 Time: 1:00–3:00 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEQ1 Location: Gladstone, 105 The Immigration Centers: Angel Island and Ellis Island It is the early 1900’s, and you are standing with your steamer trunk. What is next? View photographs and discuss the historical entry process including the physical examination and the citizenship test given to new immigrants. Hear personal immigration stories of the instructor’s ancestors. Perhaps you have a story to share from your ancestry. J. B. Anderson Date: Fri, Feb 8 Time: 1:00–3:00 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEQ7 Location: Gladstone, 105 St. Patrick: Fact or Fraud? Shamrocks, green clothing, and corned beef and cabbage commemorate St. Patrick’s Day in modern times, but what is the history? Meet Patrick Bergin, the captured Welshman who became a Viking slave and was taken to Ireland to begin a life of service. Discover the story of St. Patrick. Terry Kubista Date: Fri, Mar 15 Time: 1:00–3:00 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEQ4 Location: Gladstone, 105 Reconstruction in the South The period from 1863 to 1877 is known as the Reconstruction era. Discuss the historical events of this period in the United States and discover how Congress attempted to reunite the North and the South. Dan Hartman Date: Fri, Mar 22 Time: 1:00–3:00 pm Cost: $15 Class #: AEQ2 Location: Gladstone, 105 6 Gladstone 55+ Center • 1945 Manton St, Maplewood, 55109 • • 651-748-7250