Darkside Issue 40 | Page 80

Miss M ’ s slave-husband , slave p , tells us of his experience at the hands of the legendary Mistress Baton ...

A caning for slave p .

In April Miss M . sent me to London to serve Mistress Baton , and I have been asked to share how I experienced being sent to serve her .

You probably know this already : Mistress Baton is a very strict disciplinarian and she is world famous for her very extreme and bloody canings . I had seen photos and short videos of her in action , and I felt both fascinated and horrified about the bloody stripes she made on the bottoms she was caning . It was literally skin being torn off and blood starting to flow from the red and purple stripes .
So when Miss M . said “ I believe you are ready for a very big challenge . I am sending you to London to be caned by Mistress Baton . She also wants to fist you . And I expect you to make me very proud .”, I must admit I felt excited and anxious at the same time . I had been caned many times . And I had been caned hard . But nothing like the extreme canings Mistress Baton does . I was a bit surprised about the fisting because I didn ’ t know that Mistress Baton did fisting . But Miss M . explained that she had seen videos of me getting fisted and wanted to try it herself .
Photos : Red Heaven Media
All this happened in February , and after a few days of constantly thinking about it , I was able to focus on my everyday life and think of other things . The days went
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