Darkside Issue 40 | Page 81

Darkside 81 by , and in the beginning of April Miss M . handed me my plane ticket and my hotel reservation . She instructed me about what would happen and where to show up at what time . This made me nervous again . And when it was finally time to go and Miss M . drove me to the airport I was VERY nervous . Me being sent to be caned and fisted by Mistress Baton . Fisting ok ... but would I be able to endure her judicial caning and make Miss M . proud ?!!!
When I arrived at the hotel in London I had time for a nap ( I really needed that after a night with very little sleep ) and I had plenty of time to get clean inside , before I began my walk to the BDSM Studio . In fact I had

Mistress Baton is a very strict disciplinarian and she is world famous for her extreme and bloody canings

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