Darkside Issue 40 | Page 73

73 aspirations to be a dancer , but life sort of got in the way . When my marriage ended , Church was always there but I had doubts about it all . These days , I still have my faith , and I think people are surprised by that , given my porn past and my new career as a Domme .
‘ I am two different people ’, Roxxy adds . ‘ I am Roxxy the mum and churchgoer ; the one who does the school runs , the shopping and the domestic stuff . And I am Roxxy the Mistress , the one who inflicts pain !’
Roxxy is justifiably proud of how far she has come in recent years . ‘ People said I would struggle to make a comeback , but I ’ ve worked hard and feel like I am in a better place now , more than I ’ ve ever been . I like to think that I have shown my daughter that , if you put your mind to it and work hard , you can be a strong , independent woman , no matter what life throws at you .’
And , as Roxxy the MIstress , does she view her new career as a reaction to her abusive marriage and mother ? ‘ In some ways yes ,’ she says . ‘ As a Mistress , I have the power and the control . I feel so confident and superior as my alter-ego . Men idolise me , and that ’ s a fantastic feeling , having been made to feel so small in the past . So , yes , I think there is something of payback here .’
It ’ s obvious to see , from Roxxy ’ s expresions , that she does genuinely take delight in being a Pro-Domme . ‘ It makes me happy , makes me smile ,’ she says . ‘ Yes , some clients can be nasty and even upsetting , but the trick is not to let it get to you and not to show emotion .
‘ I ’ m still learning and discovering ,’ she adds . ‘ It ’ s all still new to me . And one of the other joys about this new career is that I also get to model for wonderful photographers like Andrew MacDonald . He is great to work with .’
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