Darkside Issue 40 | Page 72


‘ I made a lot of new friends in the kink scene and I just knew that this was the right avenue to take ’ discovered the incredible fetish photography of Andrew MacDonald – the photographer for this feature . ‘ I saw his work on Instagram and was immediately taken with it . It was sexy , beautifully shot … and I loved the latex ! I thought I could become a fetish model and use that as a way of making a comeback into modelling without having to go down the porn route .’

And it was at this time – by now 2020 – when one of Roxxy ’ s friends first introduced her to the idea of becoming not simply a fetish model but a fully-fledged , real-life Pro-Domme . ‘ The whole idea of being a Mistress was new to me and not something I had ever considered ,’ says Roxxy . ‘ But something about it appealed to me .’
Of course , at the height of the Covid pandemic , it was hardly the ideal time to start being a real-time Pro-Domme , but Roxxy managed to keep the money coming in by camming , working as a presenter on Sky TV ’ s S66 Channel and doing photoshoots for companies . ‘ As restrictions eased , I was able to learn more about being a Domme and start offering real-time sessions ,’ says Roxxy . ‘ I made a lot of new friends in the kink scene and I just knew that this was the right avenue to take .’
One of those friends , Goddess Alexa , offered to team up with Roxxy to offer double-dome sessions in London and the South East . ‘ It was really beneficial for me to do this with Alexa ,’ says Roxxy . ‘ She has a wealth of knowledge , having been a Pro-Domme for many years , and I learned so much from her . I session with her quite a lot .’
At this point in the interview , our discussion goes off at a bit of a tangent . Relaying her experiences of sessioning with Goddess Alexa , Roxxy explains one particular story : ‘ We had one particular session to do at a guy ’ s house in Southampton ,’ she says , a smile broadening across her face . ‘ And when we entered the house , I looked around and said to Alexa : “ I can ’ t do this .” “ But why ?” said Alexa . “ Because there ’ s a picture of Jesus on the wall . I can ’ t domme a guy in front of Jesus !” Anyway , we told the guy to take the picture down and I was okay after that . I was a bit stressed !’
Taken a bit aback by her reaction to a picture of Jesus , I took the interview in a different direction before getting back on track , and asked Roxxy what was behind the story . ‘ I have quite a religious background . I used to be the girl who served Holy Communion in Church on a Sunday ’, she says . ‘ I was confirmed and Christened as a child and became heavily involved in the Church . I still go , even now . Back then , I still had my
Darkside • Issue 40