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Darkside 57 experience , with some getting off on the act of tickling . There ’ s also a level of domination and humiliation associated with certain foot fetishes that involve foot worship .
Being turned on by feet doesn ’ t make you strange . In fact , 1 in 7 people share the same fascination . If you ’ re sexually aroused by the sight , smell , or touch of the human foot but aren ’ t sure how to engage in healthy , safe foot play , check out these 5 ways to satisfy yoguilty pleasure .
2 . Buy or sell feet pics online
If you ’ re in a relationship , it ’ s time to play dress up ! Ask your partner if they ’ re comfortable trying on a variety of footwear for you . High heels are a fan favorite , with some people leaving them on
Most platforms either charge a flat fee for individual photos or a subscription fee that gives you unlimited access to your favorite model ’ s content . Just be sure to always use a reputable website that protects your identity , private information , and money .
1 . Foot massages
People with foot fetishes love giving and receiving foot massages . If you ’ re someone who enjoys worshiping someone else ’ s feet , you may prefer to be on the giving side of things . This can be done with a lover or another willing participant . Foot massages are both relaxing and erotic .
Offer your significant other a soothing foot rub complete with massage oils , a warm foot bath , and fragrant salts . If they ’ re willing , suggest you lick , suck , or kiss their toes as part of the massage . Many foot lovers incorporate food and other edible items into their foot play . Things like whipped cream and chocolate syrup are popular food options during sex play . Not only are they delicious but they go on and come off the body easily .
If you prefer to be on the receiving end of a foot massage , you can pay to have this done or take turns getting and giving massages to your partner . When hiring someone else as part of your foot fetish fantasies , always be upfront and honest about your intentions . If you book a foot massage at a spa or salon , avoid getting too aroused during the actual treatment and , instead , fantasize about it later in the privacy of your home . The last thing you want to do is make the massage therapist uncomfortable . during intercourse . Kinksters Jane W who prefer BDSM and bondage play may opt for spikey or thigh-high boots that are black , leather , or decorated with ropes and ties . Speaking of ropes , foot bondage is another common practice among foot lovers who prefer more intense sex play . more intense sex playmore intense sex plamore intense sex plmore intense sex pmore intense sex more intense sexmore intense semore intense smore intense more intensemore intensmore intenmore intemore intmore inmore imore moremormomty and smelly feet to ethnic , mature , and much more . If you ’ re into BDSM and bondage , there are feet pics available for you too ! On sites like Funwithfeet , you can browse , buy , and download your favorite feet pics and enjoy them however you wish . r more intense sex pla
Buying feet pics are a relatively inexpensive way to indulge in your foot fetish .
3 . Indulge in accessories and self-care
Foot fetishes often involve being sexually aroused by someone else ’ s feet . But for some people , pampering and worshiping their own feet is equally pleasurable . If this describes you , it ’ s time to pamper your ten toes and everything that goes along with it . This includes everything from pedicures and massages to fun and playful accessories .
If jewelry is your thing , dress your feet up using toe rings , ankle bracelets , and other adorable accessories . Some people go as far as to get foot tattoos that accentuate their best foot features . Pantyhose and sexy socks also fall into this category and are a great way to practice self-care and worship your gorgeous feet .
4 . Explore different types of footwear
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