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Healthy ways to induge your foot fetish

Got a thing about feet ? Katherine Rivers explains the fascination ...

Only second to genitalia , feet are the most sexually arousing part of the human body with over 50 % of people reporting they ’ ve fantasized about or been aroused by feet at least once . Because foot fetishes are so common , there are plenty of safe , healthy ways to indulge your deepest desires and explore your love of the human foot .

Whether you ’ re in a relationship or single , this article ’ s for you . Keep reading to undercover five healthy ways to indulge your foot fetish alone or with a partner .
What is a foot fetish , exactly ?

‘ Foot fetishes are described as a targeted sexual interest in feet ’

If you ’ re reading this , you may be wondering if you have a foot fetish or if you just appreciate the human body . While these two things can exist together , foot fetishes are described as a targeted , sexual interest in feet . This includes toes , heels , and ankles . Looking at them , touching them , smelling them , or being touched by someone else ’ s feet gives you sexual pleasure . Some people find foot adornments and accessories appealing as well including jewelry , tattoos , and manicured toes . While most people can agree that getting a foot massage is enjoyable , people with a foot fetish are sexually turned on by this
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