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Darkside 45
one or any dynamic incorporating a pleasure paddle , is sanctified .
We believe the use of social media has been a positive tool in reaching the lifestyle community ; we have been in contact with super sexy creators along the way who all have Wolf and Bratt paddles in their BDSM collection .
Why only wood ?
This is easy ; it ’ s the best ! who doesn ’ t like hardwood ? ( he laughs ). In the workshop , we work with all different types of beautiful wood to produce our spanking paddles . Don ’ t forget we hand paint our paddles at the request of our customers . When we finish a stunning piece , we can only stand back and admire the beauty of the grain in the wood and how the light bounces off each curve . Any other material couldn ’ t meet that standard , also the impact . When we first test tried our prototype , we were pleasantly surprised ; it gave a complete thud-like experience with an after sting , bringing all the delicious natural chemicals alive !
What is the oddest request of parameters you have ever gotten for a bespoke paddle ?
Being privileged to be part of a lifestyle where anything goes is a special position . We truly embrace the strange and peculiar . With a non-judgmental attitude we endorse creations to and have been known to include an engraving of pet names / vulgar nicknames / degrading sub turn on ’ s / master titles / paddle names such as Bratt tamer or Daddy ’ s discipline maker etc . The list is endless .
Is spanking the ‘ gateway ’ to more intense BDSM experiences ?
We believe it all depends ; we have all different paths to our desires and kinks , so entrusting that spanking is the gateway drug to BDSM would be incorrect and different for everybody . If you ’ re interested in a variety of things , but spanking Is the first thing you try , then yes , you can call this a gateway into BDSM . However , you could have easily tried bondage or wax play first . We do believe that once you get into spanking , there ’ s no going back .
Are you noticing any recent trends in what people are buying ? Is one paddle more popular over another , and if so , why do you think that is ?
We have noticed that the darker the paddle , the more popular it is ; it could be the atheistic over mood the paddle demands from us . A kind of `this means business` attitude it exudes . We believe our customers with a dominant role prefer this type of paddle to match the nature of the beast .
What ’ s coming in the future for you ?
We have been trying to keep this a secret , but it ’ s been very hard to do so , as we have been terribly excited . Alongside our handmade paddles , we have been working on producing our own Wolf and Bratt handmade CBD massage oil . Imagine receiving a one-of-a-kind pleasure paddle accompanied by sensual aromatic massage oil . We are thrilled to bring this to our store in the future . Other than this , we will be on location so keep an eye out for us at festivals and bizarre events .
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