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A spankingly good couple

Wolf and Bratt make exquisite woodonly bespoke paddles for tops and bottoms ’ spankng needs . Ralph Greco spoke to the couple about what they do , how they do it , and what might be coming for them in the near future ...
How does one come to find one making / selling spanking paddle ?
As a couple , we discovered we share a desire to explore the endless boundaries of pleasure and pain included in BDSM ; we then came to the conclusion that we couldn ’ t hold this type of relationship and sexual enhancement to ourselves . Therefore , we had to bring our knowledge and skills in the form of handmaking beautiful paddles for those dipping their toes into the world of BDSM . For us , our spanking sex paddles are much more than a piece of wood ; they are what hold the potential for greater sensual connection , exploring roles in yourself and in your intimate relationship . With a mixture of backgrounds in mental health and relationships , we feel we are best placed to provide our open-minded customers with an experience of free sexual exploration .
How does one compete in what seems like a marketplace oversaturated or at least over-advertised with the spread of social media ?
We feel our edge would be that of ‘ sophisticated ’ spanking . Anyone can grab a wooden spoon and spank their bottom ’ s bottom with little or no thought ; at Wolf and Bratt , we pride ourselves on worth . This means that our paddles are designed , curated , and beautifully handmade with the customer ’ s individual desires at the forefront . Each piece is bespoke and one of a kind , making each paddle special and meaningful . Each relationship , whether a D / S
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