Darkside Issue 40 | Page 22

PD : How long have You been a Pro-Domme and have You seen many changes within that time ?
I have been working in a professional capacity since 2020 . The main change is the coming out of the other side of lockdowns and the pandemic , which hit many Sex Workers massively , and turned sex work on its head for many . People had to get creative but also , I have obviously witnessed the Government trying to further crack down on all avenues of revenue for SWers . I think there has been more exposure recently to how SWers and their workplaces have been being threatened because of the media flurry surrounding Klub Verboten and other kink clubs also being threatened with closure , but this just highlights the problems faced by strippers in strip clubs for example for a much longer time . It ’ s time to come together and fight this out of date legislation on nudity licensing together .
PD : What is it that makes you different from the others ?
Of course everyone is unique and what all Dommes offer is going to be different . I ‘ d like to think I am playful , warm and genuine . Yes , of course I can be cruel and harsh , but I don ’ t really ‘ change ’ My persona or become anyone else in sessions . I think My acting background is enormously helpful and allows Me to adapt and be very versatile . I think , like with good theatre , good play involves listening and responding truthfully in the moment , connecting to the other person in the scene . What you will get with Me is a connected , genuine experience . Oh and I ’ m bloody strong and a sadist who is an impact specialist , so if you enjoy pain , so do I …
PD : When did You first realise that You were a Dominant Female and when did that knowledge manifest itself ?
I mean , I was always assertive from a young age . I was an only child and encouraged to be whoever I wanted to be . Not , by the way , bratty and demanding , just confident and happy to be in charge . I think it comes naturally to some more than others .
PD : What would You say is Your prime attribute that makes You a Dominant Woman ?
Darkside • Issue 40