CYPnaval 2019_e-Booklet Defence & Security 4BLUE ECONOMY | Page 15

What we call “world maritimisation”, the fact that all the strategic interests will depend more and more of the sea factors will reinforce the needs about a better common European approach for investing together. We are listening to our natural Mediterranean friends because they share the same will. For both state and private maritime activities, economic development couldn’t be sustainable without green and smart solutions. Many European cooperation are underway or must be built rapidly. The French approach is to design maritime security, safety, surveillance, and environment protection solutions fitted for both national and European context. France Marine Industry is really committed in the defence and security future of eastern Mediterranean for blue economy development as trusted third party of foreign companies or manufacturers associations. "Maritime security and safety in coastal areas – Expertise and solutions" GICAN, French Marine Industry association, is convinced that we must develop a security offer, as a sort of “coastguards’ function” framework. A capacity brochure was launched recently, covering main aspects for safe seas: Maritime safety aims to protect vessels against criminal practices at sea (piracy, slave trading, drug trafficking, terrorism) ● Maritime security concerns the prevention of risks of a natural origin or generated by maritime navigation (collisions, groundings, fires…) ● Maritime environment specificities (oceans, seas, estuaries, coastal regions and ports, waterways) for protection. - By preserving biodiversity, - preventing chemical or oil product spillage, accidental or deliberate pollution, - controlling fishing activities and marine culture exploitation. ● France and Europe are entering in a new era, it’s a question of survival: 95% of goods flow and 90% of data flow passes through. More of 60% of the world’s population lives in greater coastal areas (3.8 billion people). France has the second economic zone in the world more than 11 million square kilometres. Maritime goods traffic continues to grow and needs to be protected. Navigation routes are increasingly busy and need to be patrolled for anticipating and counter forms of accident or illegal activities. Marine renewable energy plants need to be secured. Mineral and fishery resources need to be patrolled and monitored to avoid resource plundering and violation of international decisions. Strategic maritime zones need to be protected in order to ensure ongoing flow and prevention of crises. We have expertise: ● ● ● ● security systems combined with early warnings and surveillance networks Monitoring and management solution for offshore installations whatever activity Collection of datas from environmental satellites Tracking and selection of useful information We have new solutions based on: Reinforced AIS (Automatic Identification System) satellite services, new observation satellites systems in geostationary orbit with telescopes and real time information ● Deployed fields of High-frequency radars with ground wave covering all the EEZ ● Continuous presence at sea with drones for clearing zones and development of surface and subsurface drones to intervene. ● Creation of a shared maritime surveillance platform housing services ● Some examples of products : ● ● ● ● ● ● ● actionable intelligence and maritime security products robotics, underwater gliders and acoustic positioning and recorders Ship builders medium size for OPV’s and patrol craft Infrared systems Beach access, floating barrels End to end solution for SAR Communications