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SIMPLIF YING YOUR PROCESSES SIMPLIFYING YOUR PROCESSES MANY ORGANIZATIONS feel that they need a customer relationship management (CRM) program but aren’t always clear on the reasons why. With the business world becoming more and more complex every day, it can become difficult even for low-level employees to keep track of everything that they need to be doing on a daily basis. That is precisely why a CRM is necessary. 3. 4. 5. Efficiency – minimized mistakes and unnecessary back- and-forth communications Scale – sustainable and repeatable processes for growth Direction – creating informed strategies based on real market data Achieving any of these objectives starts with taking a hard look at your current processes. The best way to begin is to think in terms of a sales funnel, encompassing all of your departments. You have your market, leads that can be converted into opportunities, delivery (things like settlement and packaging of goods), and follow-up. Each of these will have a process driving it, each of which can have its own stages and requirements. The point is to start with a high-level overview The majority of CRM implementations are driven by five objectives all revolving around simplicity: 1. Centralization – removal of duplicate efforts and data into a single source 2. Alignment – focused work and consistency throughout your organization 8