Cub Scout Adventures Volume 1 | Page 6

Imagination Comes Alive! SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE Day Camps We live in a world dominated by individual screens, where the example we set for children ourselves is often just that: several hours a day staring into a phone screen, swiping across our tablet while we watch Netflix, or handing them a DS or Wii U to keep them occupied while we do the tasks that make daily life complete around the house. If there is anything we can routinely observe about children, it is that they are naturally curious; "Why?" and "How?" are questions that they ask constantly, about most things around them. Nature is a good place to feed that curiosity. Especially if it is something they have never experienced. Youth always find themselves embracing the opportunity for exploration that exists within the natural world. Nature lends itself perfectly to curiosity of s child. It places them a space for asking questions about all sorts of things. This environment allows them to embrace their curiosity and the opportunity to discover new things that they enjoy doing. As they complete tasks or increase skills, they develop a keen sense of pride in their achievements, and then connect success with the natural world. Most importantly, by having the opportunity to do these things, they will find new interest, and possibly develop action that will leave them to greater things in their personal and professional lives years later. Let's not forget about the health benefits of being outside and exercising, the new friends that are made at camp. All while learning outdoor skills in a practical environment that you can't get from a video game, Let children disconnect for a few hours each day at camp, and discover a whole new world outside. Let their Imagination Come Alive!