Cub Scout Adventures Volume 1 | Page 5

Themes and Core Values All Spirit Of Adventure Cub Scout Adventures are planned around theme and related core values. Many benefits are gained by using themed events. Themes appeal to boys (and parents, too) and offer opportunities for achieving the aims and methods of Cub Scouting. Themes provide an excellent opportunity for leaders to connect Core Values with activities to build character. Incorporation of themes is also an educational tool. It cannot be overemphasized how powerful a tool when the imagination of a child is sparked by a particular theme. To keep the children’s imaginations primed by carrying the theme is weaved into all the activity areas. Cub Day Camp is perhaps, the most memorable experience in a Cub Scout’s experience. It is the one event each year that a Scout anticipates from the day he leaves camp from the last year. What makes a boy’s eyes widen at the mention of going to camp is the memory of the magic that happens during the week. But what makes that magic so special from year to year is the Camp Wide Theme. A camp theme turns an ordinary camp into an extraordinary Day Camp experience. It provides a boy the vehicle to use his imagination while he is having fun in Camp each day. The Camp Theme is the single most important decision a Camp Staff makes at the beginning stages of planning camp. The theme sets the stage for the story to be told every day at camp. It must be imaginative, interesting and fun. It must be comprehensive and adaptable enough to be used in every area of camp from Archery to Nature to Woodworking etc. Themes in our camps are selected after much deliberation. MineCraft- Imagination Comes To Life, is the Spirit Of Adventure Day Camps theme for this year. Mention Minecraft to many kids today and you will see their eyes light up. Spirit Of Adventure’s Day Camps will transform this imaginative virtual world of Minecraft into a real world creative outdoor experience.